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A webinar in English, French, and Spanish ENGLISH: Save the Date – 13 October 2022, 9 AM to 11 AM EDT (New York) / 3 PM to 5 PM CEST (Brussels) / 4 PM to 6 PM EAT (Nairobi)

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50 years of struggle to safeguard the environment, 50 years of environmental accomplishments, and we’ve yet to reach our goal for a world with a safe, sound, and healthy environment. Though we can’t deny there has been some progress.

On two occasions this year, the United Nations organized commemorations to mark these fifty years: UNEP@50 in March to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UN Environment Programme, and Stockholm+50 in June to commemorate the 50 years since the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which made the environment a pressing global issue for the first time. They reminded the global community of the original efforts to establish a common agenda to protect and preserve our precious planet.

Please join us on October 13 th  at 9 AM New York time, as we convene to launch ‘The People’s Environment Narrative,’ a comprehensive report reflecting the contributions to these events by practitioners and experts from around the world.

Spearheaded by a wide range of stakeholder representatives, including those from academia, civil society, Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and other stakeholders from all regions in the world, we’ll discuss what happened at these historic commemorations.

The People’s Environment Narrative Report will provide an overview of environmental governance history and its development to this day and will highlight key findings by its authors, some of who will be present at the webinar.

Seven legacy themes, which found their inspiration in 1972 and have been key in forming UNEP and the work for the environment, will be re-explored in seven Legacy Papers especially commissioned to accompany The People’s Environment Narrative Report: Strengthening Environmental Governance and Law; Environmental Diplomacy and Multilateralism; Environmental Rights, Human Rights and Environmental Justice; Connecting the Dots – Making a Forceful Canon of the Rio Conventions and the Multilateral Environmental Agreements; The Environment and Education Looking to the Future; Civil Society, the Environment and UNEP; and Science and the Environment.

The report will also focus on accomplishments, gaps to be filled, and the remaining challenges we face.

This 2-hours webinar is open to all, with simultaneous interpretation from English to Spanish and French. PLEASE JOIN US BY  REGISTERING HERE

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